Trump Calls First 100 Days Measure A 'Ridiculous Standard'

Analyzing the accomplishments of a United States president after their first 100 days in office is a decades-old tradition and, of course, a relatively arbitrary one established by the news media to assess a leader's direction and influence.

In a tweet posted at 6:50 a.m. Friday, Trump lambasted the very notion of the traditional 100 day report card for new presidents, calling it "ridiculous".

His tweets early this morning suggest he knows the deadline and is feeling the pressure.

As Trump lobbies for some credit and his senior staff prepares for a week-long 100 days public relations blitz, congressional Democrats are gearing up to thrash the 45th president's performance.

Trump's travel ban, the policy version of a proposal that began during the GOP primary as a promise to ban all Muslims from entering the US, has also stumbled out of the starting blocks.

Aware of Trump's anemic output on Capitol Hill, aides have increasingly been touting his action of several foreign policy fronts and his use of executive actions, including one on Thursday expediting an investigation into whether steel imports are jeopardising USA national security.

"The first 100 days of the Trump administration have been filled with a whirlwind of new policies and challenges to Washington orthodoxies, and the country is sharply divided", reads the event promotion.

Trump wrote that the attack, which follows other terrorist attacks there, "will have a big effect on presidential election!"

As the 100-day mark approaches, Trump's top press aides have said they are planning several activities to promote his progress on issues including immigration, regulatory reform and job creation.

  • Todd Kelly