Obama to Speak at University on Monday

Obama to Speak at University on Monday


For his first public appearance since he left office January 20, Obama will speak at a town-hall-style gathering at the University of Chicago.

Obama's first public engagement comes as President Donald Trump nears his 100-day mark in office next week.

Audience members chosen from universities in the Chicago area will be given tickets to attend, Obama spokesman Kevin Lewis tells the Chicago Tribune.

Obama also gave a farewell address in Chicago in which he emphasized "being an active citizen" just before leaving office. President Obama used to teach constitutional law at the university, and his family lives in nearby Kenwood, making this first public appearance a homecoming of sorts.

For the most part, Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama have largely stayed clear of the public spotlight since leaving the White House. Obama is reported to be scheduled to visit Boston in order to accept the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award. Trump has offered no evidence to back up the claim, and USA intelligence agencies and congressional investigators have said they have found none. He has defended the Affordable Care Act, dubbed "ObamaCare" by the Republicans, and praised local and national protests against the executive orders that amounted to a travel ban.

Barack Obama will also be giving several paid speeches to private organizations.

During his first three months in office, Trump spent 19 days at a golf course and played golf on at least 13 occasions, according to The New York Times. Brissett and rookie offensive lineman Joe Thuney, who were teammates at N.C. State, both made the trip to Washington.

'Who are the next generation of leaders that he can support and nurture and help grow, ' she said of Obama's interests.

The former president has also dipped his toe into global politics, phoning French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron on Thursday.

  • Jack Replman