Newly released Egyptian-American charity worker visits Trump

Newly released Egyptian-American charity worker visits Trump


The diplomat who spoke under condition of anonymity told the Qatari media that the faith of the USA worker was addressed, even though not officially, two weeks when the Egyptian leader al-Sisi visited his American counterpart in Washington.

An American imprisoned in Egypt for the past three years has just returned home, thanks in large part to Donald Trump's warm relationship with Egypt's brutal dictator President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

Aya Hijazi, an Egyptian who holds USA citizenship, was acquitted by a Cairo court on Sunday along with seven others who had worked with street children.

Hijazi was detained for 33 months - far longer than the 24-month maximum allowed under Egyptian law that a person can be held for before trial.

By the way, the aforementioned Barack Obama was president for 30 of the 33 months this US citizen sat in an Egyptian prison on absurd charges.

On Friday, Secretary of Defense James Mattis visited another key Middle-East ally - Israel. Her Egyptian husband and four coworkers were arrested as well. The official said the US side interpreted that to mean that a guilty verdict and sentencing would be followed by a pardon from Sissi, but they were pleasantly surprised.

He added: "We're very grateful that President Trump personally engaged with the issue".

The meeting, broadcast by state television, included a review of the military and security cooperation between the two countries and discussed ways to strengthen and develop it during the coming period, in the light of the regional situation.

The Egyptian president spoke with Mattis at the Pentagon during his visit to Washington early April, which was aimed at increasing USA military support to Egypt, according to Egyptian media.

Mr. Trump said he would take no questions from the press, but did respond to one question about the possibility of a government shutdown, saying, "I think we're in good shape".

"We are very happy to have Aya back home, and it's a great honor to have her in the Oval Office", Trump said, noting that her brother also attended.

A statement from Sisi's office said Egypt was keen "on further advancing bilateral relations under the new American administration". After the coup, Obama withheld aid from Egypt - for decades, the second- largest recipient of US military assistance, after Israel, at more than $1 billion a year.

President Donald Trump is expected to sign three Executive actions Friday afternoon reviewing tax and financial regulations and potentially roll back federal oversight.

Ivanka Trump and Kushner are top advisers to the President. The Obama administration previously lobbied al-Sissi's government for her release, but was unsuccessful.

  • Jack Replman