Meteor showers to be observed tomorrow

Jonesing for a meteor shower?

Up to 20 meteor "fireballs" an hour may be seen on the night of April 21 into the morning of April 22 in areas with a clear sky and low light pollution. Each year in mid-April, Earth comes across the stream of debris from the comet, which causes the Lyrid meteor shower.

This is the second time in a week that viewers will be treated to an astronomical sky show.

This should be an excellent year for viewing the Lyrids, according to AccuWeather, since the peak falls just a few days before the new moon, meaning light from the moon will not interfere much with viewing conditions. That's an average of one every three minutes, according to Astronomy magazine.

This shower can produce about 50 meteors per hour and can be seen in close proximity to Mercury and Venus.

The shooting stars seem to emanate from around the star Vega in the constellation of Lyra, the lyre.

The shower typically generates a dozen meteors per hour under optimal conditions, with a brief maximum that lasts for less than a day, PAGASA said.

The best time for viewing is a few hours before dawn.

"If you want to catch them, I guess that's the place to go", Gaebel said. Best viewing should occur between between 2 a.m. and dawn Saturday when Hercules rides high in the south. "Lie down comfortably on a blanket or lawn chair, and look straight up".

  • Tracy Ferguson