Apple Nike releasing Apple Watch NikeLab for fitness enthusiasts on 27th

Apple and Nike are launching a new Apple Watch model at the end of the month, but it's hard to spot any major upgrades in the Apple Watch NikeLab.

Nike and Apple are about to start selling the same thing with a new "neutral-toned" perforated elastomer band, calling it the "Apple Watch NikeLab Edition".

Seven months after the launch of the first Apple Watch Nike+, Nike has launched a new variant called the Apple Watch NikeLab. After coming up with the Apple watch Nike+ together in 2016, they're now making Apple Watch NikeLab.

When two popular brands like Apple and Nike come together, it is obvious that it will grab eyeballs. The watch assures fast working as it comes with a dual-core processor and a Global Positioning System. It is unclear if Apple Watch NikeLab will make its way to India.

Apple Watch is probably the best smartwatch on the market, because, well, it doesn't have much competition. The watch features special faces for viewing fitness information and notifications alongside exclusive bands designed with fitness in mind. It also connects to Nike's Nike+ Run Club app to keep track of your workouts.

The workout app of the Nike+ offers you 12 indoor and outdoor workout options to choose from including running, cycling, biking and swimming.

The Apple Watch NikeLab is functionally identical to the Apple Watch Nike+. The pricing detail is not known as well.

Apple is all set to launch a limited edition of Apple Watch in collaboration with Nike.

  • Ernesto Newman