'Real' Brexit talks to start after June 8 election - Commission spokesman

That would give the Conservatives 382 seats, Labour 179, the Lib Dems 10, the SNP 56, and others 23.

The potential disaster for Labour is a projection, based on an exclusive analysis of recent opinion polls by the Trinity Mirror date unit.

"Markets tend to like a stronger government - they are predicting one in the United Kingdom due to the apparent weaker situation Labour is in - and we have seen in Turkey what a similar situation can do for the currency".

Gisela Stuart, who has represented Birmingham Edgbaston since 1997 as a Labour MP, is thought to be planning to retire.

While Mrs May reaffirmed her commitment to give Parliament a vote on any deal with the European Union she flatly ruled out a second referendum. Nothing is going to top that if she continues in Parliament.

They said ministers from those member states are then scheduled to meet on May 22 to formally issue detailed directives for the negotiations to be led by Michel Barnier, who previously held high-level French government positions.

"Labour is the party that will put the interests of the majority first".

The constituency was held by Labour from 1997-2005 and is the party's top target seat in London, needing just a 0.2% swing to overturn Conservative Gavin Barwell's wafer-thin majority of 165.

Broadcaster ITV says it will hold a live election debate ahead of the general election despite Theresa May's refusal to go head-to-head with Jeremy Corbyn.

Conservatives now hold one Birmingham seat, Sutton Coldfield.

Announcing his decision not to seek re-election in the 8 June election, the 45-year-old said he was stepping down - "for now".

Conservatives could snatch include Dudley North, Walsall North and Wolverhampton South West from Labour.

As questions over the objective of the purple party post-Brexit grow louder, it has an opportunity to make up some of the ground it lost four years ago, though the Liberal Democrats - which gained 1,000 new members within an hour of Mrs May's announcement - will also be targeting that opposition role.

The former foreign secretary under Gordon Brown was expected to become the leader of the Labour Party after Mr Brown stood down, but was surprisingly defeated by his brother Ed in 2010.

And it would leave Theresa May with a majority of 106.

"Labour MPs that now have majorities in the single thousands may be looking over their shoulders", McLeod said.

Some high profile MPs will be standing down at the election. Conservatives took Solihull in 2015.

"She says it's about leadership, yet is refusing to defend her record in television debates and it's not hard to see why".

An early ballot will give the next leader more time to implement Brexit before another election. And on Brexit, the party faces a challenging balancing act between its two core groups of voters: metropolitan, middle-class progressives, many of whom would love dearly to see Britain stay in the European Union, and working-class voters in poorer areas concerned about jobs and immigration and enthusiastic about Brexit.

"So we think she must have had some further bad news which means she can't afford to wait".

Mrs May told MPs: "There are three things a country needs, a strong economy, strong defence and strong, stable leadership". The British parliament is due to vote Wednesday on the call.

We can't win, they say, because we don't play their game.

  • Todd Kelly