Key facts as Texas governor revives push for 'bathroom bill'

Key facts as Texas governor revives push for 'bathroom bill'


The Missouri House approved a measure last week that would block the creation of state parks until maintenance on the almost 100 existing parks is completed.

Abbott, who called the House version a "thoughtful proposal", said he hopes to "work with the House and Senate to ensure we find a solution and ultimately get a bill to my desk that I will sign into law".

Senators are debating a solution for improving SC roads after house members urged them to make a move. They are dying for action. Taylor said his bill would not cut funding for gifted students.

Whether that money should come from a gas tax is up for debate in Columbia this week. Our highways were built largely with such a user fee, the gasoline tax. "It doesn't matter that you and your community have been living with this for 3 years, we're going to take it away from you", Saldana said.

The ad also mentions Gov. Carroll Campbell, who was the last governor to raise the gas tax.

The Texas House late Wednesday night approved a sweeping, bipartisan school finance plan that pumps an extra $1.6 billion into classrooms and begins overhauling the troubled way the state pays for public education.

Bakk said Dayton has an advantage this year, in that most of the surplus is in his tax bill.

The biological sex on Libby's birth certificate says "boy' but that does not match the 7-year-old's gender identify". The bill would go into effect fall 2017, if passed.

Democratic Sen. Anthony Williams, who represents parts of Philadelphia and DE counties, gets the goal behind the bill, but he told White he wants to know more. "I can see problems". It's not based on what highways need fix. Kirk Watson, D-Austin, and Sen. If the state's gas tax of 16.75 cents had kept pace with inflation, it would now be 34 cents a gallon. "We're asking the Senate to do the same".

"I know that we only have four weeks left, but we can get a lot done in that time", says Sen.

A large crowd is expected in Representatives Hall for the House public hearing Tuesday on SB 3, "an act relative to domicile for voting purposes". "With 42,000 miles of center-lane road in SC, there's no way feasibly possible that we could maintain the system we have", with the current budget, he says.

After a week off, S.C. senators return to session in Columbia at 2 p.m. Tuesday.

Senator says it's not over, but it appears to be over. Under current law, every punitive measure which leads to a prohibition on firearm possession requires some type of judicial process, so people are not arbitrarily deprived of their liberty or their rights.

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