Fresno Shooter Charged With Four Counts Of Murder

Fresno Shooter Charged With Four Counts Of Murder


So he vowed to eliminate as many white men as he could. It shows Muhammad lip-syncing to the camera while walking across railroad tracks. Muhammad chased 58-year-old David Martin Jackson and shot him twice, killing him. He shot at him multiple times but missed.

But a federal judge declared Muhammad mentally fit in 2006 and he served almost eight years in prison. VIDEO: Police say accused Fresno shooter stated, "I did it, I shot them"He was fantastic, like I said".

He then headed toward Catholic Charities in the 100 block of North Fulton Street and fired a second fatal volley of gunfire, killing a man in the parking lot. Kori Ali Muhammad is the suspect. Another was carrying a bag of groceries after stopping at a Catholic Charities center.

Jackson and his roommate, Mark Greer, had only stopped at the building to use the bathroom.

He walked up to a utility truck and shot a Pacific Gas & Electric Co. employee sitting in the passenger seat, authorities say. Dyer called it a "random act of violence".

Despite the suspect yelling "Allahu Akbar", Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said the shootings had "nothing to do with terrorism". He also shot Mark Gassett on a sidewalk, then pumped two more rounds into him as he lay wounded.

He is charged with the three slayings plus a fourth from a week before, when officials say he shot a Motel 6 security guard for showing him disrespect. He told police he gave himself up easily because, as the chief related, he had "respect for police".

Born Cory Taylor, Muhammad is also a self-styled rapper who calls himself "Black Jesus".

"These individuals who were chosen today did not do anything to deserve what they got", Police Chief Jerry Dyer said. "He does not like white people", Dyer said, citing the suspect's statements after being arrested and his Facebook postings.

The black gunman told police he wanted to kill as many white people as possible before he was captured, authorities said.

He told detectives: "White people are responsible for keeping the black people down".

Muhammad posted demands for reparations and separations, alluding to natural disasters occurring if his requests were not met. Requests included "17 Million in immediate material wealth", "to receive the US Virgin Islands", and "25 years of support", though what kind was not mentioned.

Police had just advised hours earlier that they had identified Muhammad as the suspect in the killing of an unarmed security guard at Motel 6 last week. The guy was on his way down to the ground when he fell.

Dyer says Muhammad fired at Williams, intending to kill him, because he felt Williams disrespected him.

As Williams lay mortally wounded, Muhammad ran to a nearby 7-Eleven and climbed on top of the roof. He later took a bus to Herndon and Milburn avenues, where he stayed Friday through Sunday in a ravine, "practicing what he decribed as voodoo rituals", Dyer said. He was 37-years-old.

She saw her son a few days before he died and spontaneously told him she loved him and was proud of him. He told her he loved her, too.

A black Muslim gunman shot and killed three white people in Fresno, California on Tuesday - deliberately targeting them due to their skin color and shouting "Allahu Akbar" after firing multiple rounds into his victims from close range.

A coroner has released the names of three men gunned down during a shooting rampage in Fresno.

The gunman also approached two Latina women, a mother and daughter, in a vehicle.

Muhammad faces four counts of murder and at least two additional charges of assault with a deadly weapon. County government buildings were placed on lockdown and residents were urged to shelter in place, according to reports. Randalls, 34, had just started work as a customer-service representative and was doing a ride-along, something he was excited about, friend Eddie Valencia said.

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