Western Union's Facebook Messenger Bot Unveiled

They started it when they rolled bots out at last year's conference, but they are stepping things up significantly by allowing them to work in group conversations under the new name "Chat Extensions".

"Our bot for Messenger, deployed in more than 26,500 U.S. Subway restaurants, is the largest deployment of a Messenger bot in the restaurant industry". We're not sure if there will be more platforms added in the future, but for now it looks like Apple Music and Spotify will be the only two platforms available that can take advantage of Facebook Messenger's new feature. So yes, they don't want you to leave the messaging app anymore so expect more features.

Starting with the former, chat extensions allow users to add additional functionality while within chats.

Discovery in the Digital World - Discover tab: We wanted to find a way to make it easy and simple for people to find the businesses they care about in Messenger.

These announcements come one year after what now might be called a big breakthrough moment for chatbots in retail and brand marketing.

These new Facebook bots will provide real-time updates on a range of subjects - including news, sports and even deliveries ordered online.

And if a business operates multiple apps and sites or owns multiple Facebook Pages, it can match a person across all those places, assuming the person logged in via Facebook to those other apps and sites or contacted those other Pages on Messenger. Other brands that are now included are Kayak, NBA, Food Network, OpenTable, The Score, and Wall Street Journal. For example, if you and your friend are planning where to dine out, M pops in, suggesting for restaurants in hand. This is why Facebook is sticking to text, a form of input that Messenger users are already comfortable with. "The bot experience delivers the convenience of customizing a gift card through Messenger integrated with Masterpass payment functionality to enable a simplified checkout experience". This is available in the United States where delivery.com serves.

"We are delighted that Yahoo is launching Captain on Messenger", said Stan Chudnovsky, Vice President of Product for Messenger. Consumers didn't use the functionality participating businesses offered to them through Messenger, and some of Facebook's early partners have bailed on the bot platform. But it couldn't hurt: Facebook's expenses are rising, and the company has made a decision to stop increasing the amount of advertising in its news feed, which could slow revenue growth, according to a Gadgets360 report.

  • Tracy Ferguson