Loud sex sounds interrupt pro tennis match

While Tiafoe was serving in the second set, the match was interrupted by some moans and groans from what turned out to be a couple having loud sex across from James T. Driscoll Stadium. At Love-15, it was Tiafoe's serve.

The players and announcer try to keep it together, before they realize the noises weren't coming from a phone video, but from an apartment across the lake. Krueger playfully hit a tennis ball in the direction of the sound, while Tiafoe, bemused, shouted, "It can't be that good!"

Both players had fun with the situation while the crowd laughed.

"Well, that is the most weird situation", Cation said on the Challenger Tour live stream.

After play resumed, the heavy sounds of copulation continued and the match commentator working the match even commented. "Oh my God", Cation said.

The incident did delay the tennis match a little, but it also brought smiles to audience as one mom was seen gesturing her son to plug his ears.

Tiafoe was able to put the disturbance behind him and carried on to win the match in straight sets 6-3 6-2.

  • Ernesto Newman