Alabama's New Governor Moves Up Special Election to Fill Sessions' Senate Seat

A special election could cost about $15 million, Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill said Tuesday.

Some have called into question Bentley's appointment of unusual to the Senate seat vacated by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions since odd had told Alabama lawmakers to hold off on impeaching the scandal-plagued governor while he conducted an investigation into Bentley as the state's Attorney General. The new schedule sets the primary on August 15, 2017, runoff on September 26, 2017, and the general election on December 12, 2017, nearly a year ahead of the previously schedule election date.

The Republican state Senate leader says he will make a decision this week on whether he will run for the job.

The far-right 45Committee, financed in large part by Sheldon Adelson and the wealthy Ricketts family, is apparently starting a feud with the far-right Club for Growth, using Georgia's congressional special election as a proxy fight.

"I promised to steady our ship of state". However Bentley ultimately close then-Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange, who has served as Alabama's junior U.S. Senator since.

The accelerated schedule kicks election season for the powerful position into overdrive.

At her first press conference last week, Ivey appeared apprehensive about moving the election but said she had not made a final decision. The general election will be held December 12.

"As the only announced candidate for this office, I will spend the next several months being the best Senator I can be, upholding Alabama values and working with President Donald Trump to drain the swamp and help make America great again", unusual said. "As the only announced candidate, I will spend the next several months being the best senator I can be". Hooper said he is considering a run.

In his statement, unusual said he agrees that the people of Alabama should decide who represents them in the USA senate.

Some legislators, including Rep. Chris England, D-Tuscaloosa, said Bentley violated the law by preventing voters from choosing Sessions' replacement for 16 months. This demonstrates a departure from the backroom politics that we have seen for too long in Montgomery.

  • Elsie Buchanan