Watch Pretty Little Liars season 7, episode 11 online

The synopsis also says that the Liars will get a special delivery from A.D. It will reveal "the final endgame" and take things to a "whole new level".

"This is kind of the love letters to the fans", Shay Mitchell explained.

Like Alison, Emily will be dealing with Paige's return on Pretty Little Liars.

Joseph Dougherty, executive producer: "For your safety, please remain seated with your hands and feet inside the ride and the safety bar in place for the duration of the final 10 episodes of 'Little Liars'". The teenager is set to create problems in the new episode. We are nearly certain that there's a head inside that gift wrapped box (that Aria wants less than nothing to do with) and did we mention that Alison is pregnant with her dead ex's baby? So we are terribly impatient to find the girls for their latest adventures. Check your cable or satellite provider to confirm what channel PLL airs, but chances are, if you're a die hard fan, you already know the Pretty Little Liars channel by heart! That includes the identity of A.D. And there are plenty of theories about who the villain is.

"It's really freaky", Lucy said. "You'll see a dark side of Aria".

"The note back from the network was, 'Can you tell her to actually do her hair and her makeup?' And I was like, '..." She may or may not betray her friends. Since 2010, the show has brought its fans all sorts of twists and turns, and now it's nearly time for all the drama to finally come to an end. "We wrapped filming in October, but we still knew we had this week of press to promote so this is sort of our last shebang. our last time being all together for a while".

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