Mark Cuban: Adam Silver nixed Mavericks' plan to actually play Tony Romo

The two were teammates back in high school, and Butler claims that if Romo would have focused on basketball instead of football, he could have easily gone pro.

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is suiting up, sitting on the bench and probably will go through pregame warm-ups with the Dallas Mavericks before the regular-season finale against the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday, April 12, 2017. Romo averaged 24.3 points, 8.8 rebounds and 4.7 assists per game. "And I wouldn't be surprised - this is a copycat game - so I wouldn't be surprised if you see it happen going forward with other teams that's out of [playoff contention] and want to add a little more to it".

"I feel like I left something out there that I always wanted to accomplish", said Romo, a four-time Pro Bowler who is the Cowboys' all-time leader with 34,183 passing yards and 248 touchdowns, but never managed to take the team to a Super Bowl crown.

A day of celebration in honor of Tony Romo didn't end quite well for the Dallas Mavericks.No, Romo didn't play in Tuesday's game against the Denver Nuggets.

"I think I'm going to get more street cred being on the bench for the Mavs than actually playing for the Cowboys", Romo said.

The Mavericks wanted to honor Romo's 14 years of service to the Cowboys and his support of the Mavs over the years. "This week has been special in the sense that people made me feel like they appreciated me, that they enjoyed me being their quarterback, and that meant something to them".

Archer speculates that "whenever Romo opts to officially retire, he could re-sign with the Cowboys in a ceremonial way and then be placed on the reserve/retired list".

Cuban was so committed to having the former Cowboys quarterback suit up for the Mavs, he told National Basketball Association commissioner Adam Silver to fine him if Silver disapproved.

Romo was given the full package experience, even having his name over a locker in the locker room. "It's a little embarrassing, but I tell you what I'm very lucky".

Wearing a dark blue warmup top, Romo sat next to Cuban, who tried to persuade Commissioner Adam Silver to let Romo play. And I've got to live what that. "Makes me feel special".

Tonight gives fans in the Dallas area a chance to say goodbye to Romo one last time given his abrupt retirement announcement last week.

Instead of pursuing the hoop dream in college, Romo chose to try the pigskin route to greatness by playing for Eastern Illinois before landing in Dallas where the rest is history.

The soon-to-be-37-year-old had the crowd on its feet in the final minute hoping he could play, but Romo wasn't on the roster or under contract.

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