Homeland Security chief: Terror risk as high as on 9/11

Under the Trump administration, immigration enforcement has changed how they take into account levels of criminality, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said on Sunday's "Meet The Press". Along with opiates, the drugs cost the USA around $250 billion.

The attorney general also issued a memo Tuesday calling on federal attorneys to consider prosecuting anyone who harbors illegal immigrants, prioritizing those who protect violent offenders or are involved in transporting or protecting three or more people living in the USA illegally.

SEC. JOHN KELLY: Drug consumption in the United States is the problem.

Kelly also praised President Donald Trump's decision to carry out a strike against an Assad-regime airbase in Syria, last week, and talked about what took place in the Situation Room.

When asked whether Trump's harsh comments and measures were responsible for a reported drop in attempted border crossings, Kelly said, "Absolutely".

Then, speaking to the criticism that has been aimed against him and his department for reports of increased raids and deportation, Kelly said, "If lawmakers do not like the laws they've passed and we are charged to enforce, then they should have the courage and skill to change the laws".

He indicated that now, convictions for driving under the influence could start the process toward deportation.

CHUCK TODD: -these Central American countries - is the idea of, for instance, marijuana legalization, does that help your problem or hurt your problem?

He continued: "It's three things".

"DHS personnel will continue to investigate marijuana's illegal pathways along the network into the USA, its distribution within the homeland, and will arrest those involved in the drug trade according to federal law", he continued. Nearly all produced in Mexico.

Kelly made his claim Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press" during a discussion about the government's efforts to stem the influx of illegal drugs into the United States. "And cocaine that comes up from further south".

"The solution is not arresting a lot of users", he said.

Criminal enforcement is essential to stop both the transnational cartels that ship drugs into our country, and the thugs and gangs who use violence and extortion to move their product. "The solution is a comprehensive drug demand reduction program in the United States that involves every man and woman of goodwill". Rather, he argued, it is about upholding the law.

Kelly, a retired four-star Marine general, said in 2016 that Trump and his Democratic Party presidential competitor, Hillary Clinton, weren't willing to acknowledge that US and coalition ground troops would be needed to defeat Islamic State, and that "you're not going to win this thing by dropping bombs".

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