Bride and groom booted off United flight in Houston

Following the video last week of the man being violently dragged off an overbooked United Airlines flight so staff could take his seat, an engaged couple were removed from a United Airlines flight to Costa Rica on Saturday.

United Airlines Flight 1737 was headed out of Houston for Liberia, Costa Rica on Saturday. The couple, along with friends, were flying from Salt Lake City and had a layover in Houston. After boarding their second flight in Texas to find a passenger napping in their assigned seats, they made a decision to sit three rows up, in upgraded "economy plus" seating, since the airplane was half full. Not wanting to wake them, they chose to try moving to another row, as the plane was reportedly half empty. Instead, the flight attendant asked them to return to their assigned seats. Hohl and Maxwell complied without causing a scene, even though they didn't understand what they'd done wrong.

The couple said they were then approached by a flight attendant who asked if they were in their allocated seats, when they explained the situation they were told they had to return to their seats which they did.

In the wake of the incident, United CEO Oscar Munoz and his company got obliterated on social media for not only allowing this to happen but also because he praised his team for going "above and beyond" handling the incident.

"The incident has been a humbling learning experience for all of us here at United", he said. But moments later, according to Hohl, a U.S. marshal came onto the plane and asked them to disembark, to which they also complied. It is not clear whether United oversold Flight 3411, but the flight became overbooked when four Republic Airline employees showed up after passengers had boarded and demanded seats so they could commute to their next assignment, a United Express flight the next morning.

Now, a new case has appeared in which a couple has alleged that they were kicked off of the flight en route to their wedding.

Hohl said the incident when David Dao was forcibly removed from a United flight scared him and his wife into compliance.

And according to the couple, Michael Hohl and Amber Maxwell, United's reasoning was flimsy.

Unfortunately for them, the unassigned jump from row 24 to 21 meant they were now sitting in an upgraded "economy plus" area. Munoz repeated his apology Tuesday to Dao, other passengers on the flight and the rest of the airline's customers.

April 17-It's been a turbulent week for United Airlines, and it didn't get any better over the weekend.

  • Todd Kelly