Poor India comment by Snapchat CEO led for downfall in-app rating

Spiegel supposedly made these remarks during a presentation about Snapchat's worldwide growth plans in 2015. Indian Hackers claim that they found a bug in Snapchat which they have found previous year.

It is here that Spiegel is alleged to have said, "This app is only for rich people". Company's CEO [said] that this shopping site is not for poor country India.

The report was published based on Anthony Pompliano's statements, and details filed by him in a case in court. Now Snapchat's lawyers have denied that what Pompliano is saying is true, and claim the entire lawsuit is for publicity stunt.

A spokesperson for Snap Inc., which is the registered name of the company that owns Snapchat, said that this allegation is "ridiculous", adding that "Obviously Snapchat is for everyone!"

The company has also responded to Pompliano's other claim in his lawsuit filed at a usa court in January that Snapchat showed inflated user data and was "misinformed about key metrics".

But, the damage had been done.

Anonymous Indian hackers claimed that they've leaked the data of 1.7 million Snapchat users which they hacked a year ago. Indian users of Snapchat have been uninstalling the app, and also putting low ratings and negative reviews on app stores. He stated that he has witnessed, "a wide-spread, systemic failure in Snapchat's internal controls over its user data".

After the word from Snapchat CEO calling India a poor country, Indian Snapchat users were outraged and set social media on fire by sharing trolls against Evan Speigel and Snapchat.

Hashtags such as #BoycottSnapchat were trending since the beginning of the weekend. From Business Insider we learned that Kashmiri people are installing Snapchat to show their anger and hate against India.

While the call to uninstall the app has started and some have already got rid of the app, several other reports have questioned the authenticity of the comment as it was not on record. But don't you think so, Miranda is innocent?

  • Todd Kelly