Mark Hamill says he'd like to play George Lucas in a movie

Star Wars fans were a little disappointed after the release of The Force Awakens that Mark Hamill's Luke Skywalker only appeared in the film in its very final scene, especially since Skywalker didn't even have a line of dialogue in the blockbuster. Speaking at the celebration of the epic space opera franchise in Florida, the 65-year-old star discussed the path his character could take in "The Last Jedi".

Star Wars: The Last Jedi comes out on December 15. In the past, words like FIRST ORDER, REPUBLIC, and RESISTANCE have been capitalized, so expect reminders about the death of Han Solo at the hands of Kylo Ren during the destruction of STARKILLER BASE along with updates on other central characters like Luke, Finn, Rey, and Poe.

There's still eight months before the next episode of the Star Wars saga hits theatres, but this weekend is Star Wars Celebration Orlando so fans could be sure they were going to get a sneak peek of the upcoming chapter. Case in point, while initially reading through the script for The Force Awakens, Hamill had a great idea for a way Luke could finally make his much-teased introduction that probably would've been a lot more dramatic than him silently standing on a mountain.

He said: "I think you'll find some things that'll surprise you". She'll get close to him and then get into some dire situation and THAT'S when I show up for a big "yay".

  • Ernesto Newman