Almost 40 million people have yet to file taxes this year

"We're still negotiating, but if you ask me, I hope they'll come and see me again". You don't have to pay immediately. Of course, to know that you have a refund coming, you need to put the work in to determine that. But for most people, it's best to file as soon as possible for one simple reason: Three-quarters of households get a refund.

What to do if you owe.

However, Jonathan Horn, senior manager for tax policy and advocacy at the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants, offers a different take.

Taxpayers who don't think they'll be able to file on time can request a six month extension. First, if you avoid paper, you're less likely to make a mistake.

If you're like most Americans, you're a few years (or more) behind on your retirement savings.

Pacquiao, however, said the government should not run after him as he had already paid $8.35 million in taxes to the US Internal Revenue Service in 2008 and 2009.

The IRS has tax help, publications and information on to help last-minute filers, including information about free e-file options, such as FreeFile, or how to request an automatic six-month filing extension. "You can't set that single rate high enough to bring in the revenue you need, but low enough for ordinary working families to pay".

Tax officials assured the users of e-BIR forms of smooth transmission as the e-system has been upgraded, with bandwidth being expanded, and special tax filing centers installed inside major shopping malls and city halls. Fill out your name, Social Security number and other information to get an extension. By filing a tax return, even without full payment, taxpayers will avoid the failure-to-file penalty.

If you have questions, you can contact the IRS by phone at 1-800-829-1040.

. The requirement to file depends on a person's income, filing status, age and whether they can be claimed as a dependent on someone else's return.

This extension also provides the taxpayer additional time to contribute to an IRA.

If you plan out your financial moves instead of just taking money from this account or that one, you can reduce your tax burden significantly.

I can't file on time.

April 14, 2017-The Vermont Department of Taxes reminds taxpayers that the deadline to file Vermont personal income tax returns is Tuesday, April 18.

The IRS typically extends the April 15 deadline when that date falls on a weekend or holiday.

Additionally, the IRS reported that tax-related phishing emails and malware surged 400 percent during the 2016 tax season.

"Getting your taxes won means getting every credit and deduction you deserve". Did you make purchases on a credit card for qualified business expenses? "I'm a sort of full-time member of the tax policy community, and I still find it hard and unpleasant". You don't want to add to your tax bill by triggering a failure to file penalty. The memorandum notes that the goal of the lien discharge process is to permit the transfer of property free from the lien when it's necessary to clear title and directs the IRS agents to consider whether the estate tax liability is adequately provided for, either through the prior receipt of estimated payments or the escrow of proceeds that are equivalent to the estate tax liability.

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