10 iconic photos to celebrate Jackie Robinson Day

MLB players chimed in in remembrance of Jackie Robinson on Saturday, 70 years after he broke baseball's color barrier. Robinson's No. 42, which he wore for the Dodgers, was retired across Major League Baseball in 1997. The statue depicts Robinson sliding into home plate during his rookie season.

"This is going to be a very special time", Sharon Robinson said.

Scully recounted the classic story of the time he raced Jackie Robinson on ice skates, and the best part of the story was that Jackie's wife Rachel insisted on also ice skating with them despite being seven months pregnant at the time. It will be unveiled Saturday, April 15, 2017, on the 70th anniversary of his debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers. "And in the history of baseball, in the history of our country, few people have stood taller than Jackie Robinson".

ESPN reports that this is the first statue of Jackie Robinson to be commissioned by the Dodgers franchise.

"To see that cycle in one's life, and to see that work honored and respected, and to see the elders there who were with her during those days, I think it touches great memories for her and has great significance and importance". Meanwhile, the Jackie Robinson Museum at 75 Varick Street in New York City still hasn't opened. That the most recognizable baseball players would be African-American is unfathomable now, as it was before April 14, 1947.

It was Campanis' stumbling interview on ABC's "Nightline" with Ted Koppel in 1987 that laid bare baseball's patronizing attitude toward blacks and forced the sport to begin taking the concept of equal opportunity more seriously. There was no way that any combination of Jim Crow antics or attitudes could deny him entrance to baseball's Holy of Holies.

Robinson, raised in California, got a taste of the Canadian winter as the Royals capped off the year by beating the American Association's Louisville Colonels for the Junior World Series championship. "Then we realized that there's a chance at the major leagues, so then I got more interested in playing and practicing".

Rachel Robinson and the Boys of Summer will not be around forever to share those stories, but they will be told and retold at the Jackie Robinson Museum in NY, with groundbreaking ceremonies set this year. More than 40 years later I realize why Robinson mattered so much to my dad, because he was a symbol of the possibilities that were ahead, not for him, but his young son.

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