Lady Gaga just released her new single 'The Cure'

"I love you guys so much", she continued, according to Attitude.

Are you ready for Lady GaGa's new song?

Gaga replaced Beyonce when it was determined that Bey could not perform due to her pregnancy. The upbeat, yet somber song was met with overwhelming love from the audience.

"And I said no, cause that means I'm playing for the heavyweights at Coachella", Gaga said to laughter and cheers from the crowd, before launching into track John Wayne.

Lady Gaga's headlining spot at Coachella 2017 is done, but that doesn't mean it's the last time she'll be setting foot on the Coachella stage during this year's fest. "Promise I'll always be there, promise I'll always be the cure (be the cure)". "I've been in the studio, and I'd like to debut a brand new song, 'The Cure.'" Fans immediately captured the surprise performance on social media. "I have too many drinks and then tell my friends I had sex dreams".

Gaga is taking her headliner duties seriously, and has been in rehearsals "pretty much every day" since agreeing to play the festival, her long-time choreographer and visual director Richy Jackson revealed. The song is called "The Cure", but based on the 30-second preview versions of the song that you can hear on your preferred music delivery service, it doesn't seem to be about the Robert Smith band.

  • Ernesto Newman