Jimmy Fallon returned to SNL this week to play Jared Kushner

The pair then take time share memories of Trump's near-100 days in office before Pence let his boss know he needed to straighten out the conflict between Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon as it has been "a huge distraction for us".

Baldwin's Trump then said the victor would be able to continue to advise him and would receive $100,000 courtesy of L'Oreal cosmetics, while the other would "have to join Kellyanne Conway in the basement". The only thing on Bennett's list of Trump's achievements was the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch, but Baldwin added that the vice president was forgetting all the bombings the president carried out.

"The biggest fattest bomb they have ever seen".

There was also a dig at the president's weekend trips to his Palm Beach, Florida, estate - Mar-a-Lago - where Trump is known to spend a lot of time.

Kushner, Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, was played by last night's SNL host, Jimmy Fallon (dressed in the same flak-jacker-and-blazer outfit Kushner was mocked for wearing last week while visiting troops in Iraq).

Pence replies, "Sir, I love when you joke so casually about North Korea". "This could all be over by Monday".

In the show's cold opening, Kushner and Steve Bannon were put in an "Apprentice"-style fight to survive a White House power struggle".

"These 100 days have been such a success, and I'm so sad my presidency is coming to an end", Trump tells Vice President Mike Pence, played by cast member Colin Jost.

Fallon then took Baldwin's place behind the Oval Office desk as Baldwin made his way to "his desk", a smaller version with an expandable, colorful toy ball.

The latest episode of the "Saturday Night Live" wasn't special just for bringing out big stars, but also for going live at the same time coast-to-coast for the first time in its long history.

"You will get to keep advising me", he continued. "You've shown everybody that if you're born rich and marry my daughter, you can do anything you want". Luckily for Ivanka's hubby, he takes much more lovely photos than the Grim Reaper himself, who's immediately sent back to hell-or to the basement to join Kellyanne Conway.

The sketch highlighted the press secretary's suggestion that Adolf Hitler was a lesser evil than Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad when he said on Tuesday that the leader of the third reich 'didn't even sink to.using chemical weapons'. Yeah, you all got your wish this week. "I know they're not really called Holocaust centers. Duh".

"Spicey finally made a mistake", he says, frustrated, and sweaty from the costume.

But McCarthy reprised her ever-seething version of Spicer later in the show.

'They were like boo-hoo, what about the Holocaust centers? "I clearly meant to say concentration clubs".

  • Todd Kelly