Watch The Trailer For Netflix's Dear White People Series

The cries for protest against Netflix's upcoming original series, Dear White People, has dulled in recent months, but it's very likely those same angry demonstrators will revive their old hashtags after watching the controversial series' newest trailer.

The trailer also shows Samantha navigating a secret interracial relationship while students react to a Halloween party with blackface costumes.

But Netflix somewhat addressed the backlash with a disclaimer that plays in the beginning of the trailer: "Trigger warning: the following program is meant for both white and black audiences". The same character accidentally accusing a black student of having white privilege, for another.

Dear White People features a tongue-in-cheek plot about the experience of ethnically diverse students at a majority white Ivy League university in America.

Netflix doubles down on the controversy surrounding the 10-episode season, written by Justin Simien, the writer-director of the movie from which the series derives. The crowd-funded movie went on to win the US dramatic special jury award for breakthrough talent at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.

The series hits the streaming service on April 28.

Watch the full trailer below. Picking up right where the film left off, actors Tessa Thompson and Tyler James Williams are replaced by Logan Browning and DeRon Horton, while Brandon Bell and Marque Richardson return as Troy Fairbanks and Reggie Green, respectively.

  • Ernesto Newman