Pre-Order of iPhone 8 Starts September, Shipment Expected Before December Holidays

The release of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 were not favourable, nor did the technology become more sophisticated, disappointing consumers who sought the best phone on the market.

Coming to the iPhone 8, the analyst predicts that the model will have "extended battery life with two packs of batteries". The fingerprint sensor in this sketch is seen at the back, below the Apple logo, and this suggests that the company won't embed it underneath the screen. However, reports are that component shortage could lead to an unfortunate delay in the launch of Apple's next. A handful of LG phones already have this and Samsung recently did this with its Galaxy S8 (unlike the schematic however, the reader is directly to the right of the S8's camera lens).

According to Reuters, Apple is ditching Dialog Semiconductor as the supplier of its power management circuits as it looks to create its own battery-saving chip.

If the 3D sensor doesn't make it to the iPhone 8, Apple may have to delay the rollout of augmented reality applications. In an ideal world, Apple would move that sensor underneath the display, and several rumors and Apple patents suggest that's what the company's trying to do.

With the most likely launch dates of early September 2017 and the on-sale probability by mid-September 2017, speculations are going even higher.

With a large percentage of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus covered by bezels, it unnecessarily increases their size. Apple could ditch the fingerprint sensor entirely and rely exclusively on face recognition for biometric authentication.

Moreover, Apple is also expected to bring wireless charging and the famous Touch ID might be placed under the display which was previously touted to be introduced in Samsung Galaxy S8. While the iPhone 8 will be the star of Apple's 2017 iPhone line-up, the company is also said to be planning an iPhone 7s update which will upgrade the current flagship iPhone handsets Apple offer.

We are expecting to see three different versions of the iPhone 8 this year, a 5.5 inch version and a 4.7 inch version with an LCD display and a 5.8 inch model with an OLED display.

  • Patricia Jimenez