Dave Chappelle salutes Charlie Murphy at John Mayer concert

As a tribute to Charlie Murphy, Dave Chappelle requested that John Mayer performed the song "You're Gonna Live Forever In Me" to honor Charlie, Eddie Murphy's older brother. The comedian died of leukemia earlier that day.

But he will be best remembered for telling stories about hanging out with Rick James and Prince in the '80s in some of Chappelle's Show's funniest sketches, "Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories".

Charlie - sometimes credited as Charles Murphy - also served as a writer for Eddie's movies, including "Vampire in Brooklyn" and "Norbit".

In 2005, he starred in "King's Ransom" as a gay ex-con, who is hired by King (Anderson) to kidnap him in a fake kidnapping. After shooting the shit with one another, the two spoke about Murphy.

Watch Charlie Murphy's throwback interview with DJ Whoo Kid below to see the comedian in his element.

Hart wrote, "Wow. This is insane".

And Chance The Rapper shared his sadness at Charlie's passing, writing: "Charlie Murphy was a great man. God bless, we already miss you". The freestyle includes some amusing references and rhymes, and even a shout out to the Man Vs. Food YouTube channel.

While Samuel L. Jackson tweeted: "Prayers Up for the Murphy family".

Debra wrote, "RIP Charlie Murphy".

The father-of-three had previously lost his wife Tisha to cervical cancer in 2009.

  • Ernesto Newman