Prey Demo Announced for PS4 and Xbox One on April 27

Lucky you, you can have exactly that when an hour-long demo - appropriately titled "Prey Demo: Opening Hour" - arrives for Xbox One and PS4 on April 27.

"The combat lacked the punch of other shooters and even Dishonored, but with the strength of the story on offer I'm willing to give it a chance". Anyway, my heart skipped a beat anytime new Prey information came out and was able to relay it to you readers. The demo will give players the chance to explore the opening for the game, which holds a really big secret if you've been avoiding the bombardment of trailers since Bethesda's reveal at e3 previous year.

Prey, published by Bethesda Softworks and developed by Arkane Studios, is a 3D shoot-em-up which pitches you against a hostile alien race.

Putting you in the shoes of Morgan Yu, this sci-fi adventure sees players exploring the seemingly idyllic Talos 1 before you discover the space station's terrifying secret.

The demo of Prey will put you in the shoes of Morgan Yu, chief scientist on board the Talos, who is engaged in scientific research that will change humanity forever. What starts off as an exciting first day of work very quickly takes a dark turn. Prey will also be available for PC.

Playing the demo could do wonders for anyone skeptical about the game because if they end up liking it, they can proceed to pre-order it to get the bonuses listed above. The goal is simple - thwart the alien invasion and save all of humanity.

  • Patricia Jimenez