Manu Bennett WILL Return To CW's Arrow

And Stephen Amell has just taken his Twitter account to announce a new insane to his followers, Manu Bennett will be back for the Season Finale. Gugganheim followed this tweet with another, saying Bennett's return "is only the first of a few exciting announcements" ahead.

Deathstroke is easily one of the most popular villains in Arrow's rogues gallery. FACT: Deathstroke #Arrow are now filming in Vancouver IS NOT ME. Previously, Arrow executive producer Wendy Mericle hinted that Oliver will turn to surprising ally to defeat Prometheus, and fans can't help speculate it is Deathstroke.

This season of Arrow has been nothing short of spectacular, and now it appears it may get even better. Honestly, I can't see them using anybody else for the role of Deathstroke in Arrow, but I suppose if Manu Bennett couldn't return, they have to do what they have to do. Perhaps Oliver goes to Lian Yu, not only to recruit Deathstroke to his cause, but also Black Siren, who we know will be returning in the finale, before joining the series as a regular in season six. You're not going to believe who Oliver is working with to defeat Prometheus.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. She said Episode 23 is going to be very emotional and explosive.

Now, Stephen Amell has let slip exactly which unlikely face will be fighting with Team Arrow to take down the latest evil vigilante, and it's certainly no disappointment. After he transformed into Deathstroke, he returned to Starling City with a mission of vengeance against Oliver after he saved Sarah Lance's life over Shado's. He was introduced during the season 1 flashbacks, befriending Oliver while the billionaire was stranded on the island Lian Yu. In the context of the series, Slade Wilson has been imprisoned in the A.R.G.US facility on Lian Yu since season two of the series and made a brief appearance in season 3. While waiting for more information, discover our review of episode 18 of season 5 of Arrow on melty.

  • Ernesto Newman