Canada Man Gets Tackled By Deer On April Fools' Day

As he was getting out of a auto outside of his hotel, a deer came running out of nowhere and slammed right into him - knocking him straight to the ground.

25-year-old Cary McCook has a story that just about nobody else can tell - he was tackled by a charging in deer.

Cary sustained a sore shoulder but was otherwise unharmed.

The majority of McCook's family and friends did not believe the incident after he told them, since the brutal collision occurred on April Fools Day.

Coincidentally, this is not all that unusual, based on You Tube videos, including one from four months ago that shows a deer hitting a cross country runner in a field.

The deer knocked McCook on the ground, but he was able to pop back up. Watch this video of a deer pummeling a man straight to his ass like a rugby player all hopped up on cheap booze and creatine.

"Then I put the video on Facebook and it automatically took off going viral", he said, according to Global News. As soon as that dude stepped out of his truck near the front entrance, the deer laid a vicious truck-stick on him. "I got hit by Bambi".

  • Tracy Ferguson