Google Home could soon support multi-user access

Google has not confirmed a launch date for multi-user support on Google Home.

The setting page reads, "The default Google Account is the account you used to set up Google Home". It now rivals the Amazon Echo but Google's has an edge because the Google Assistant has a bigger database of knowledge and information.

This is the first believable sign of multi-user login support coming to Google Home. More and more companies are trying to design the flawless digital assistant that suits their customers.

Google Home has been on the market for several months now, but it still feels like an unfinished "beta" product.

Although, Google has even given an option in the Home app on iOS as well as on Android, but it didn't reveal any method to activate it.

Google has updated its Assistant smart speaker with greater inegreation with its Home app, signalling a move away from its Keep note app. The feature is not available yet, but it would mean the hub could recognize different voices all at once. Thankfully, it sounds like Google has been working on the problem and will soon be rolling out an update. It looks like Google is finally gearing up to fix this situation, with the company recently declaring that "multiple users now supported".

Alexa allows multiple users within one household. This is why Google Home decided to finally make this device available for further customization.

Ostensibly, Assistant will be able to identify different individuals' voices, and switch among different accounts accordingly. They actually started doing this last week, but have only this morning posted to their support site about the change. Each user would likely be able to load their own profiles and when Google Home is prompted by a user, it should know who it's talking to. It can also suggest nearby places that deliver beer and snacks.

  • Patricia Jimenez