Uber Rider Banned For Life After Threatening to Accuse Driver of Rape

The driver spends the bulk of the roughly nine-minute video trying to get the passenger to leave his auto, and she eventually relents and gets out, at which point the driver begins venting about the argument.

The driver appears to remain calm and eventually informs the passenger he will terminate the ride, immediately unless she calms down.

The rider's account has been banned and Uber is looking into this incident.

"As our Community Guidelines make clear, this will not be tolerated by anyone who uses Uber", the statement read.

The situation only escalated as the driver and passenger went back and forth about calling the cops. She tells him it's "common courtesy" to have the device on hand and further says it's the first time she comes across an Uber that doesn't have a charger. "But you start disrespecting me".

This way, Uber can charge the rider more for a fare, while the driver gets paid from the cheaper, faster route.

Later, she demands, "You either take me, or call my man and tell him that you're not taking me!"

"I'm gonna start screaming out the window that you're raping me, that you raped me".

Throughout the abuse the woman screams at the driver and repeatedly threatens to call police and to spit in his face, while kicking and hitting his vehicle.

Eventually, the woman agrees to get out the auto, after shouting at pedestrians from the window in English and Spanish.

According to the suit, when a rider hails a ride through the Uber app, the app shows the rider an estimated fare that is based on slower travels times and longer routes than the one given to the driver.

Apparently, Uber uses a "sophisticated" software that allows it to cheat on both the driver and the passenger. She also tells the driver to "go back to your country" and telling him that President Donald Trump will "send you and your family back". Finally he managed to get her out of the auto and didn't hesitate to voice his opinion of her. If a driver accepts the ride from Uber, the driver is provided with the navigation instructions for the best route possible.

  • Patricia Jimenez