Italy bans use of Uber's services amid growing frustration

Italy's taxi drivers have staged a series of strikes, some violent, against the multinational's ride-hailing apps. On Friday, a court in the European country chose to officially ban the ride-sharing app, noting that it results in unfair competition with traditional transportation offerings (like taxis).

But unsurprisingly, Uber isn't going away without a fight.

Thus, the court in Rome has pronounced that Uber is now banned from using its Black, Lux, Suv, X, XL, Select, and Van phone applications in Italy.

Uber is being unceremoniously thrown out of Italy.

Uber just got a nationwide ban in Italy and it has 10 days to leave the country, as a court ruled that Uber engaged in unfair competition practices.

"We're shocked", Uber's attorneys said in an announcement received by Italian daily paper Corriere Della Sera. Luckily the company has been given a 10 day grace period to remove their operations, but that's still not a lot of time to completely shut down their operations and move elsewhere.

"Thousands of professional, licensed drivers use the Uber app to make money and provide reliable transportation at the push of a button for Italians", says the company.

The court's ruling follows a decision by a court in Milan two years ago to ban the company's UberPop application, which was deemed under Italian law to encourage the provision of taxi services by unlicensed drivers.

This is the latest roadblock in Uber's operations in the European countries and has been applied for their services acting as an unfair competition against local operators. Despite an appeal, that decision was upheld at a later hearing in Turin.

  • Tracy Ferguson