Twitter Lightens App To Expand Reach

Lite also includes numerous same features as Twitter's main offering, includes a timeline, notifications, profiles, and the ability to send tweets and direct messages.

Twitter Lite is accessible via a browser at, and although it is designed for markets where cellular connectivity is limited, it's available globally.

Twitter is a massive platform with smartphone adoption reaching 3.8 billion at the end of 2016.

As with all online services, growing the user base is always going to be a focus, and Twitter is no exception to this rule. With the launch of its latest "Lite" app, the social network is aiming to draw in more users with the promise of faster connections for less data.

Unlike the Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite apps, Twitter's lite version is a progressive web app made in collaboration with Google.

Twitter Lite also comes without Moments or the company's new Discover tab, which is supposed to help with the discovery of live video streams. On Chrome and other browsers for Android devices, users can also receive push notifications from their Twitter account. Twitter is saying that their Lite version takes up less than 1MB of storage and will still function just like the Twitter app that's already out. Lite's data-saving option, which users will have to opt for manually, can also compress the media content by about 70%, according to the company.

Interestingly, Twitter wants to sell its Lite app as a way to get updates and alerts on the go.

The web app should be particularly useful in South Africa, where data prices are notoriously high, but smart phone usage is on the rise.

Compared with the regular Twitter app, Twitter Lite minimises data usage, loads quickly on slower connections and is resilient on unreliable mobile networks.

Though it's geared towards emerging markets, Twitter Lite is now available globally so it's likely that at some point you'll find yourself using it without even realizing.

  • Tracy Ferguson