Apple Clips Review: Snapchat-like Fun…If You Can Figure It Out

You can download Clips for free at Apple's App Store. In other words, it's incredibly easy to get started on and create something from all the photos and videos you've already accummulated in your phone. It doesn't, for example, have a section for Stories, Friends or advertisements. Share! Share everything! they scream at you.

The video clips, which are square, can be up to 60 minutes in total. You can also access your full library of emoji in a similar way, since the Clips menu only displays your most frequently used icons.

Like other mobile video editing apps, users will be able to record video or take photos from within the app, and then stylize them with text, filters, speech bubbles, and emoji. Either way, the titans of tech want you to record a snippet of it. Next to that, there's a filter button that changes the look of your video with one of eight filters, and the third button at the top of the app, which looks like a star, is for inserting images. If you want to undo Live Titles, you don't unselect the Live Titles icon; you have to go into the Live Titles options and select "None".

To find Clips' various features, you tap the corresponding button near the top of the screen.

Those use cases just scratch the surface of what Clips can be used to create. While Lifehacker found the UI confusing, Engadget described video creation with Clips as a "cinch". These features are reminiscent of Snapchat.

Rather than being a truly innovative new app platform, Clips provides a wealth of features that have been popularized by social media apps such as Instagram, while adding a slew of personal touch options to help create a video that's uniquely your own.

Videos can be shared directly to social networks and video sites, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and more.

If you've ever made videos in apps like Instagram or Vine, you'll quickly figure out Clips. The app will use facial recognition technology to determine who is in your clips videos and prioritize those contacts in the share function; although, I haven't tested that much, since I was using the app in advance of its official release and couldn't share the videos to all of my contacts.

  • Patricia Jimenez