Marvel Heroes Omega Makes Its Way To PS4 And Xbox One Soon

As in every MMORPG, you have your hero and you level him up, spending hours of grinding until you have collected all the end-game equipment. There are characters from The Avengers, X-Men and even the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Gazillion Entertainment, the developer of 2013's PC RPG Marvel Heroes, has announced a follow-up called Marvel Heroes Omega, coming to PlayStation 4 this spring.

Gazillion has assured players that the game will include endgame content for players as they work their way through operations missions. Marvel Heroes Omega is a great game and Xbox One owners who love the Marvel Universe should check it out.

Lore hounds can also expect a treat by way of a nine-chapter story campaign spread across famous locations such as Hell's Kitchen and Asgard, some of which will serve as the battleground for facing off against iconic villains, including Loki and Doctor Doom. But finishing the story is really just the beginning!

Check out the Marvel Heroes Omega post on the PlayStation blog. This version of the came is entitled Marvel Heroes Omega. If you've been dying for a Diablo-like game where you can play as your favorite Marvel heroes, then you'll be excited to know that Marvel Heroes Omega will be hosting a closed beta soon.

Closed betas are planned for both Xbox One and PS4, though it appears the PS4 beta will begin first. The trailer depicts a scene a Star-Lord mocking Loki and breaking into dance as Loki demands that all in the vicinity kneel before him, so clearly the game is after the lighthearted feel that numerous Marvel films have also adopted.

  • Patricia Jimenez