AT&T is including free HBO in its Unlimited Plus plan

AT&T is now pretty far along in the process of acquiring Time Warner, which gives it access to popular brands including HBO and CNN. Various zero-rating schemes offering free streaming are one offering, but another is what sort of video you might get included in your plan. The subscribers that are already paying for DirecTV Now, DirecTV satellite service or AT&T U-verse will also receive free access to HBO automatically. That specific practice doesn't apply to AT&T's unlimited plan directly, but the idea here is still to make it so AT&T can control more of the stack that covers how you connect to the internet, and what you watch over it.

If you don't subscribe to an AT&T video service, you can access your HBO content through the DIRECTV NOW and HBO Go apps. Pricing on Unlimited Plus remains the same at $90/month for one line and $145/month for two lines, with additional lines added at the cost of $20 per new line.

Along those lines, David Christopher, the marketing boss of AT&T's entertainment group, said this is just the beginning of the carrier incorporating entertainment services in its bundles.

HBO viewing won't count against the data cap.

AT&T's Unlimited Plus plan gives you unlimited talk/text/data and 10GB of tethering per month.

AT&T has leveraged HBO before. The $5 price is well below the typical fee that cable operators charge, and below the $15 a month that the company charges for its direct-to-consumer HBO Now streaming service.

AT&T previously announced that Unlimited Plus customers receive a $25 monthly credit they can use on any of its video outlets. The "Live a Little" line-up does include the leading basic sports channels.

  • Patricia Jimenez