Facebook Spending Millions To Make You Trust News Again

A global alliance of tech industry and academic organizations unveiled plans on Monday to work together to combat the spread of "fake news" and improve public understanding of journalism.

The News Integrity Initiative is backed by a US$14 million fund, raised by founding backers like Facebook, Mozilla, Betaworks, AppNexus, the Craig Newmark Philanthropic Fund, the Ford Foundation, the Democracy Fund, the James S. and James L. Knight Foundation and the Tow Foundation. The school will spearhead new literacy and aim to increase trust in journalism around the world. It will fund "applied research and projects, and convene meetings with industry experts".

The social network has helped launch a $14 million program called the "News Integrity Initiative" in the hopes of figuring out how to make people stop reading and spreading the latest conspiracy about Hillary Clinton's child trafficking/pizza franchise operation. The CUNY Graduate School of Journalism will administer the initiative. A huge portion of the online population gets information from Facebook, which has become what is perhaps the largest media distributor in the United States.

Others contributing to the fund include Newmark and the Ford Foundation. "That means standing up for trustworthy news media and learning how to spot clickbait and deceptive news".

Expansion of false news and misleading reports have gained a lot of attention since the 2016 USA presidential election and now it is a burning problem all over the internet. "In high school USA history, I learned that a trustworthy press is the immune system of democracy", said Craig Newmark, a funder of the initiative and founder of craigslist and the Craig Newmark Philanthropic Fund.

Edelman based in the U.S. The initiative will appoint its own general manager, and the said person will report to CUNY's School of Journalism dean.

Trust Project based in the U.S.

News Literacy Project based in the U.S.

Weber Shandwick based in the U.S.

"The initiative will address the problems of misinformation, disinformation and the opportunities the internet provides to inform the public conversation in new ways", said Campbell Brown, Facebook's head of news partnership in official blog.

  • Tracy Ferguson