US downs Canada 2-0 at world championship

Granato and lawmakers, lawyers and experts see the US national team's agreement as a precedent-setter for other hockey teams around the world and other men's and women's athletes in this country.

The North Country is a girls and women's hockey hot spot. Many observers, including myself, recognize the spirited growth of high-performance women's and girls' hockey that has blossomed since that 1987 tournament. Attendance was 3,125 in the 3,500-seat worldwide ice rink at USA Hockey Arena. "I think there's a potential here to take this team and have it be followed similar to other women's sports and where they're at right now".

"We're not getting the bounces that we do, or we have", forward Meghan Agosta said. "I look forward to see how far women's hockey is going go".

USA Hockey said it was "not in the business of employing athletes".

But the Americans passed their first test with flying colors with a 2-0 win against the Canadians Friday night, and in their second game Saturday night, the US easily defeated the Russians 7-0.

What had been a scheduled day off from the ice for the Canadian players remained that Sunday. One thing the U.S. team did very right in their win on Friday was to use combinations of players who had already played together.

The Soo Lady Lakers, an organization based in Sault Ste. Conspicuously absent was the year 1998, when the women won the gold medal in the first ever Olympic women's hockey tournament.

"She brings her speed to the game, and her vision", Decker said. Nobody in Group A has played Germany or Sweden so we'd skip that and move right to the last criteria - seedings entering the tournament. I have not been following Team Canada and its exploits closely enough for long enough to be able to say with any authority what all of their mistakes have been over the years and I was not in detail-oriented recap mode while watching.

While it's a good thing that the women's hockey team has reached a new deal with USA Hockey, there's still a lot to be done.

As we saw in Friday night's loss, heart is not something that can be faked.

Sports' A.J. Perez explains the four-year deal that averts a boycott by the USA women's hockey national team for the IIHF World Championships.

Given the chance to comment on this story with a conversation or email, Michigan Amateur Hockey Association President George Atkinson repeatedly declined on Sunday.

The buzzer, in this case, was the start of the world championship, which the reigning champions threatened to boycott if USA Hockey refused to grant them what they consider a reasonable wage agreement that would align their equipment, travel, and benefits arrangements more closely with that of the men's team.

The Canadian and USA federations are still "significantly" ahead of other countries in financial support of their female hockey players, according to Davidson.

Lamoureux-Morando, who was a volunteer assistant coach for the program last season, said players on the team found out about the decision on Twitter.

It will be gratifying to tell girls on teams in this area that they will now have a much fairer environment in which to pursue their dreams.

"We're givin' it our all right now, but we're not clicking", Jenner said, with a sigh, straight-faced, minutes after Team Canada lost to Finland for the first time in women's hockey history.

TV: NHL Network will televise all USA games. This new contract pays women players roughly $3,000 a month. The NWHL paid players $15,000 and $26,000 a year ago in its inaugural season and then a month into the second season, the league announced it over-estimated its financial projections and slashed salaries in half.

The women will also get better marketing and promotion.

The U.S. was equally merciless in the third period.

Not only has USA Hockey neglected the successes of the Olympic women, it has also failed to develop the next generation of stars.

This year's world championship has been anything but predictable. "I think it was pretty exciting for them to have the crowd and we kind of played on our heels a bit".

  • Lila Blake