Twitter egg hatches into human

Since 2010, whenever a new Twitter account was created, the default profile image appeared as an egg until the user replaced it with an image of their own.

With its user numbers stalled around 300 million and its stock in the gutter, Twitter is fighting to be more intuitive and approachable for a mainstream audience.

"It's time for something new - something that encourages people to upload their own photos for more personal expression", Twitter wrote in a blog post. "As part of our work to bring these ideas into the product, we realised it was time to change the default profile photo, to help prompt more self-expression", the post said. But future social-media historians looking for ways to divide eras of Twitter could do worse than check March 2017.

The new default logo is meant to look gender-neutral, and not too masculine, to deter trolls.

Twitter will be getting rid of its default profile image of the egg. Then again, the problem doesn't exactly go away entirely, so it'll be interesting to see whether this change makes a difference or not.

Twitter's egg substitute mimics the head-and-shoulder placeholder graphics Facebook and LinkedIn are already using.

Twitter says that in 2016, they "refreshed" their brand.

The racist egg becomes a racist silhouette. While some users are confused at Twitter's decision to change the profile image rather than take action against those accounts.

However, critics said the move will do little to deter the hate speech, because users will not be required to feature a picture of themselves and will still be able to use an anonymous default profile picture.

As for colour, they opted for greys because they fit the feel of being temporary, generic and universal and it also gives less prominence to accounts with a default profile photo. The design team notes that they obsessed over creating a "gender-balanced" silhouette, tweaking the head shape (is that a woman with a bob or man with a wide jaw?) and the width of the figure's shoulders.

Twitter is to drop its 'Egg' avatar due to its associations with online harassment.

  • Patricia Jimenez