'Ms. Pac-Man' Invades Google Maps For April Fools' Day

In order to play, all one has to do is open up the Google Maps app on their phone. Getting a head start on the fun, Google has placed Ms. Pac-Man on the Google Maps similar to what they did past year. Yes, that too. The company has introduced a version of Pac Man on Google Maps that will be live on until the 4th of April. If there are not enough streets, Google Maps will redesign it so it resembles the board from the classic arcade game.

For April Fool's Day, Google has created a playable version of Ms. Pac-Mac right inside Maps. The occasion is surprisingly April 1st or April Fools' Day. Besides, after last year's Mic Drop debacle, perhaps they're going to play it a little safer this year. Click on the button located at the bottom left of the screen that reads "insert coin". Yes, who appears now is his wife, Ms. Pac-Man. Pac-Man Mania first started with the release of the original Pac-Man way back in 1980 and with it being nearly an instant hit, it wasn't long before Ms. Pac-Man was released in 1981.

Both games are virtually the same, except Ms Pac-Man has the trademark pink bow and a different theme tune. "We are really all compost if you think about it", says Gnomey gloomily.

While lots of companies take advantage of April Fool's Day to have a little fun with their customers Google rules the day every year, temporarily producing a variety of silly and odd new products or adding bewildering enhancements to their existing line.

  • Patricia Jimenez