Sanders Plans To Introduce Medicare-For-All Bill

Sanders discussed his Medicare for All proposal on Friday during an interview with MSNBC's Chris Hayes, and said that Democrats need to bring people together around a progressive agenda versus the proposals of "right-wing extremists".

Rep. Welch admitted any effort to move toward a single-payer health care system is nearly certainly doomed to fail in the current GOP-dominated Congress.

U.S. Senators Bernie Sanders, speaking, and Patrick Leahy and Rep. Peter Welch hold a town hall meeting with constituents Saturday, March 25, 2017, in Hardwick, Vt.

Sanders also told reporters this weekend that he would consider legislation that would drop the Medicare age from 65 to 55. Sanders says healthcare is a human right, but human rights should not be commodities or profit centers.

United States President Donald Trump had asked the House of Republicans to pull the bill, a day after he threatened to walk away from health care reform if he didn't get a vote. Yes, it's good the bill didn't pass and if Democrats have any sense they will absolutely let Trump give them the credit for it.

"Those are areas that we can work together on", Sanders said, ignoring the fact that Republicans will not back a government-run option.

"President Trump, come on board", Sen. It is so obvious that our health care costs are triple what they are in the next highest country because of the insurance industry that bleeds a chunk off of your premium consistently.

The progressive pivot toward a single-payer system highlighted a division among the progressive and moderate wings of the Democratic party, which was on full display in February when former Labor Secretary Tom Perez defeated progressive Congressman Keith Ellison, who co-sponsored Conyers' bill, in a vote to become the chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

On Friday night, after the spectacular collapse of Trumpcare (officialy the American Health Care Act or AHCA) in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, Sanders discussed the implications of the defeat and announced that he would soon introduce new Medicare for All legislation.

But Sanders also noted that the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare, has its own share of problems.

But since then, Bernie Sanders has endorsed Hillary Clinton for President.

Since the demise of Paul Ryan's American Health Care Act, Democrats on Capitol Hill have been gloating about the preservation of Obamacare. Sen. Seventy-two Democrats and not a single Republican cosponsored the bill.

  • Lila Blake