Raiders' move to Vegas approved: Now what?

Sure, Davis is taking a gamble by moving his team to Las Vegas, and only time will tell if the gamble pays off for him. And I'm not a diehard Raiders fan, but I do support the city of Oakland, so, I feel like all fans should feel that way. Moving the Raiders? You can move a lot of teams but not many fan bases like the Raiders fan base. The veteran linebacker shared on Twitter how this relocation by the Silver and Black would impact the Bay Area fans. Foster also had 124 combined tackles, one sack, and three defended passes. I guess the right to put down a deposit on a season ticket whenever they become available.

Nevertheless, led by Mark Davis, the Vegas Raiders would secure $750 million in Nevada state funding, along with the Davis family being granted a $600 million loan from Bank of America.

"It's one thing if you're moving them from Oakland to Fremont or something".

Invoking his father Al's name, and copying what the Hall of Fame owner did with the Raiders, Mark Davis is moving the franchise out of Oakland.

Labor union member Geraldine Lacy celebrates Monday, March 27, 2017, in Las Vegas.

It's hard to imagine it, but before they move to Las Vegas in 2020, the Raiders realistically could be Oakland the next three National Football League seasons.

Mayor Libby Schaaf at a somber press conference Monday said the city did all it could to try to keep the team in Oakland.

She had asked the National Football League to delay a vote to allow negotiations for a deal to keep the Raiders but Davis was committed to Las Vegas after years of struggles to get anything done in Oakland. The Raiders kicked off their history in the AFL in Oakland in 1960, but moved to Los Angeles for the 1982 season. A new domed stadium for the team is in the works, with $1.9 billion set to be spent on the new facility.

Of all the merchandise, Raiders hats are the most popular at the mall store.

Reid was not the only fan who appeared to be dismayed at the approval, with some hitting out at the decision to "strip the city of its team". The first lame duck season was something of a farcical attendance disaster, as they played to mostly empty stadiums and hostile crowds at home.

"First of all, I empathise with the people of Oakland because I know what you're going through and it's not easy", Lynch added.

  • Lila Blake