US Bans Passengers Of Middle Eastern Airlines From Bringing Electronics On Planes

News of the ban landed Monday when Royal Jordanian Airlines said in a since-deleted tweet that it received a directive from "concerned USA departments" that passengers would not be permitted to bring any electronic items into the plane's cabin, except cellphones and medical devices.

Jon Ostrower, an aviation reporter at CNN, posted Monday that the ban appears to affect not just Royal Jordanian, but more than a dozen Middle Eastern and African-based airlines flying to and from the U.S.

A USA official said the cabin ban would apply to devices larger than a phone and affect some foreign airline flights heading to the States.

These changes are as a result of a security concern relating to passengers on nonstop flights from certain Middle Eastern countries, an unnamed United States official told CNN's Jon Ostrower.

Airlines were issued the new guidance in a confidential email.

Royal Jordanian Airlines didn't specify which US departments instructed this ban, or specify whether the ban was temporary or permanent.

US authorities are allegedly requiring multiple countries' airlines to ban passengers of certain flights from bringing on nearly any electronic device, according to reports.

The US Department of Homeland Security has declined to comment on the guidance, but noted it would provide an update as appropriate.

The ban would involve devices larger than mobile phones. It's unclear which countries and airlines are actually affected by this, for example.

In its tweet, Royal Jordanian referenced "instructions from the concerned USA departments" but did not offer further details.

The TSA not immediately respond to a request for comment, or questions regarding the directive.

  • Elsie Buchanan