Plane crashes at South Sudan airport, at least 14 injured

A passenger plane crash-landed and burned in Wau, northwestern South Sudan, but all 49 passengers and crew survived, an airline official said.

The plane's right wing hit a vehicle and a fire started on the right side of the plane, Ateny said.

"The weather was not good", Achieng said, citing very cloudy conditions.

Paul Charles, an engineer at Wau airport, and local radio journalist Lawrence Yunisen, both told AFP that some passengers - not counted among the injured - had managed to flee the burning plane unscathed.

The head of the mission in the conflict-ridden country, David Shearer, praised peacekeepers involved in the rescue operation, who were from Bangladesh, Nepal and China.

The plane, an Antonov 26, carried 44 passengers and had five crew members.

Images from the scene show the smoking charred wreckage of the plane fuselage and the intact tail.

"Visibility is a problem at the center, so that's why it crashed", Charles told VOA's South Sudan in Focus. "There are only minor injuries".

Since 2013, South Sudan has been embroiled in a civil war that has killed at least 50,000 people.

More than 12 million people live in South Sudan.

  • Elsie Buchanan