Meals on Wheels' support soars after Trump eyes cuts

Meals on Wheels' support soars after Trump eyes cuts


"Meals on Wheels sounds great".

Good's stance is that "we shouldn't be so upset about whatever Trump may do".

"I want to tell all your viewers please write your senators and congresspeople and let them know you will not take this lightly", said Albany County Executive Dan McCoy.

In another example, the city government of San Jose, California, said it received about $2.5 million in federal funding under the Community Development Block Grant program to address the homeless and other local needs. Under the proposed budget, DHHS is facing a $12.6 billion cut next year, while HUD faces a $4.3 billion cut.

"The Trump budget will make Americans less safe, deny them access to justice and fund discriminatory immigration policies at the expense of hardworking Americans who need vital federal services such as Meals on Wheels", said Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee hosted the "Stop the Trump Budget, Save Meals on Wheels" press conference on Sunday to save crucial social service programs that are at risk of being slashed or gutted. "I mean, I use Meals on Wheels not just for daily sustenance, but also because it gets me out of my apartment.

The Block Grant accounts for about 3% of Meals on Wheels" budget. It is unclear what percentage of the program's funding comes from HUD, but it is a relatively small amount.

For the cost of placing one person in a nursing home, Meals on Wheels can give 32 people the ability to live at home, supporters said.

If you'd like to help Meals On Wheels with either a monetary donation or as a volunteer, just head to the Seen on 6 section of our website.

Most federal money that ends up supporting Meals on Wheels comes from a separate program run by the Department of Health and Human Services.

White House officials question the effectiveness of programs such as Meals on Wheels. A spokesman for the Office of Management and Budget declined to clarify Mulvaney's remarks in response to queries from HuffPost on Friday and Monday.

Spokesman Sean Spicer said that "where ever the president goes, (he) carries the apparatus of the White House". Bertolette and Ellie Hollander, CEO and president of Meals on Wheels, said that the program keeps seniors healthy, prevents falls, and keeps them out of the expensive health care system.

Meals on Wheels has jumped into the spotlight in the last week after the Trump Administration released its "skinny budget".

"Meals on Wheels is a wonderful program", he said.

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