Turkey furious as Kurds rally in Frankfurt for democracy

The relations between the two countries have already been tense after various German states cancelled and banned political rallies of Turkish politicians before a referendum in Turkey that seeks to significantly expand presidential powers.

He said the demonstrators had used the upcoming Kurdish New Year festival of Newroz as a "pretext" for the rally as the new year only falls on Tuesday.

In an interview with Der Spiegel published on Saturday, Germany's foreign intelligence chief Bruno Kahl said Ankara had repeatedly tried to convince Berlin that Gulen was behind the coup "but they have not succeeded".

He said the "scandal" of the Frankfurt demonstration showed that some European Union countries were actively working in favour of a "no" vote in the critical referendum.

Police in Frankfurt, where hundreds of officers were deployed to the event, described the protest as peaceful and said on Twitter that most of the demonstrators had complied with German laws, adding: "We want to guarantee they can exercise their fundamental rights".

Turkey's foreign ministry expressed its displeasure to Germany's ambassador in Ankara, according to a statement by the ministry. It's a sign of their support for FETO.

Turkey has been locked in a feud with both Germany and the Netherlands after both countries prevented its ministers from addressing rallies of expatriate Turks, citing safety concerns. "Why are they protecting them?"

Kalin said Germany was treating terrorists as "legitimate actors", while claiming it was "dangerous" for Turkey's elected representatives to meet with their constituents.

The Turkish government blames Gulen's network of followers in the military for the abortive putsch last July, when a group of rogue soldiers seized tanks, helicopters and war planes to attack parliament and attempt to overthrow the government.

In a move that could further increase tensions with Berlin, Erdogan spokesman Kalin told CNN Turk there was a possibility Erdogan could plan another rally to address Turks in Germany before the referendum. More than 240 people died in the attempt.

The constitutional change would give Erdogan sweeping new powers.

  • Elsie Buchanan