Is The Evil Within 2 Being Hinted At?

If what we see is true about "The Evil Within 2" coming out in the near future, then we might see more of Mikami's work.

But the listing indicates that Bethesda could very well be interested in continuing the franchise, especially considering that the first game performed pretty well for them in both the US and Japanese game markets, even with the name change over to Psycho Break.

While there's yet to be any official confirmation, a sequel to 2014's horror extravaganza isn't at all surprising - it proved to be a successful title for publisher Bethesda, and developers Tango Gameworks have always described The Evil Within as a "franchise", even since before its release. According to recent news, Bethesda claims this new version will be one among the best survival horror sequel. At a time when Resident Evil was favoring a more action heavy approach, The Evil Within offered something a little closer to the earlier RE games. Players take control over Castellanos guiding him through the horrific asylum solving psychological puzzles around the place fending off vicious enemies.

A private Japanese job listing for Psycho Break 2 (The Evil Within's series name in Japan) was leaked and posted to NeoGAF.

The Evil Within was published by Bethesda Softworks who also own Tango Gameworks. As the game received a positive feedback, there had to be "The Evil Within" sequel coming out. Recently, however, there was a job posting that made its way onto NeoGaf.

Of course, without an official announcement, all this should be considered as a rumor, but the evidence seems solid. The Evil Within 2 might be already in development, and we'll probably hear more about it at E3 2017.

  • Patricia Jimenez