Bail hearing set for Canadian accused in Yahoo email hack

"Baratov also has ties to foreign government officials who ... have demonstrated their willingness to offer sanctuary to at least one of Baratov's co-conspirators after he fled a Western nation where he was a subject of extradition proceedings", the Federal Bureau of Investigation states. In court, Dicarlo called the arrest and extradition request "an attack by the United States government, it's a challenge by the USA government".

He was arrested under the extradition act, and appeared in court in Hamilton on Wednesday morning, court staff said.

US authorities said on Wednesday that Baratov and three others - including two men alleged to be officers of the Russian Federal Security Service - were indicted for computer hacking, economic espionage and other crimes.

Canadian police arrested and detained Baratov on Tuesday in Hamilton, Ontario.

Speaking by text message, Baratov's lawyer, Amedeo DiCarlo, said on Friday that his client denies all the allegations.

The flight risk question, whether Baratov would remain in Canada to face possible extradition, will be coming to the forefront next month as a bail hearing is held in his case. Despite his lavish lifestyle friends and neighbours of Karim Baratov say he was a quiet guy who isolated himself. Baratov's family is also asking for privacy, he said.

The documents show that the Toronto police fugitive squad was enlisted to help USA officials obtain what's called a "provisional arrest" on charges being brought by the United States under Canada's extradition agreement. "It's pretty extensive. Twenty to 30 charges". However, the Kazakh Foreign Ministry tweeted that this report is not true saying that Baratov was born in Kazakhstan, but lost his Kazakh citizenship in 2011 after he obtained Canadian citizenship.

The three other suspects in the case are Dmitry Aleksandrovich Dokuchaev, 33, Igor Anatolyevich Sushchin, 43, and Alexsey Alexseyevich (Magg) Belan, 29, all Russian nationals and residents.

Dokuchaev and Sushchin allegedly tasked Baratov with hacking more than 80 accounts in exchange for commissions, according to USA authorities, who submitted a provisional arrest warrant to Canadian authorities March 7.

Samotulka says he's still in shock over the allegations his friend was involved in the cyber-hacking of at least 500 million Yahoo accounts and if convicted will spend multiple years in jail.

  • Elsie Buchanan