Siri vs. Alexa - Best Skills and Compatibility Comparison

Amazon announced Thursday it's added its voice-activated assistant Alexa to its iOS shopping app.

You can use Alexa to order on Amazon, track packages, search for items, etc. All of the skills and Smart Home features and compatibilities can be set by using the Alexa app.

The in-app version will allow users to shop with Alexa, stream books from the Kindle library or music from Amazon Music Unlimited, Prime Music, or purchased music.

Alexa lives in the microphone icon next to the search bar in the Amazon Shopping app. It can't be used as a replacement for Siri, since Apple's assistant is built into the operating system.

Of course, that doesn't mean that Alexa can't be a threat to Apple's proprietary assistant.

Pressing this will activate Alexa, who will now be able to react and hopefully answer your query. But before you start saying "Hey Alexa" into your iPhone, here's what you need to know about what it can and can't do, whether you have it, and how to use it. Amazon has yet to specify whether or not Alexa will also be added to the equivalent Android app. This includes playing music, looking up facts, controlling smart home products, whether information and more.

However, Alexa may truly challenge Siri when it comes to smart home controls.

Essentially, it's a versatile rendition of Alexa that you can utilize even without Amazon equipment, similar to an Echo speaker or Fire TV.

Amazon Alexa vice president Steve Rabuchin said: "There is already a large community of incredibly engaged developers building skills for Alexa". Currently, the update is rolling out to iOS users only this week with users in the U.S. first getting the taste. People with Amazon's (amzn) app on their iPhone and iPads can use their voices to ask Alexa questions, check the weather, and order batteries directly from Amazon's online store.

  • Patricia Jimenez