PS4 Sales Held 51% of Console Market in 2016

PlayStation Now currently lets users stream over 400 PS3 titles to the PlayStation 4 console, or to a Windows PC, and soon Sony will finally add PS4 titles to the service.

Given Sony consoles have generally have a ten year life span, the decision isn't surprising, but it's always a little sad when a beloved machine makes the trip to Silicon Heaven. Sony has ceased production of first party titles for the PS3, with the last game releasing in October 2016.

According to Gamerant, the success of Sony in the current generation of consoles has been fairly well documented, with PS4 sales topping 50 million worldwide at the end of previous year.

There is only one version of the PlayStation 3 on sale in Japan - the charcoal black 500GB version which was introduced in 2014 and Sony is pulling the plug on its production as well as shipments.

Typically, when the manufacturing of any gaming console wraps up in Japan, it often means that Western countries follow suit quickly thereafter, so it's quite possible that this is signalling the end of new PS3 systems being shipped on a worldwide scale. But reliable sources have stated that it is going to be at the end of March that Sony will stop the production of new models of the Sony PlayStation 3. For example, while the PS3 came to Japan and North America in November 2006, it didn't launch in Brazil until 2010, so production could be expected to continue for some time there.

Following the runaway success of the PlayStation 2, the PlayStation 3 was hotly anticipated leading up to its eventual reveal at E3 2005.

But PlayStation said that it will start including PS4 games with the subscription, too.

Only Nintendo's DS can match Sony's machine in terms of unit sales. This is because the PS3/Xbox 360 generation was longer than most.

  • Patricia Jimenez