Marine Le Pen will not win French election

In a radio interview with Nigel Farage, one of the key leaders of the pro-Brexit campaign, Marine Le Pen praised the UK's "honourable" Brexit voters who freed Britain from a "huge prison".

She said the prime minister would eventually be forced to meet with her if she wins the presidential election in a couple of months.

Even so, she still turned her fire on the prime minister for inviting her centrist rival Emmanuel Macron over for talks, saying: "I find it hard to understand the consistency of the ideas and convictions in this approach of hers because Mr. Macron is of course, the key salesperson of globalisation".

"This is another strategy of fear", Le Pen told Farage as part of an interview for his United Kingdom radio show to be aired on Wednesday.

The politician has taken loans from Russian banks but insisted that there was no possibility of her coming under pressure from Vladimir Putin's government if elected.

She batted away questions about antisemitism within her party, asking to be judged on her reaction to it, instead. "There weren't mass murders as it's been said", Loeuillet reportedly said in the documentary, which is to be aired later Wednesday.

However for Sapin, he believes voters from France's left, right and center will come together to "put Mrs. Le Pen on the side" and reassure the world of what France and its principles stand for. She has previously denied the claims.

The anti-EU Le Pen was speaking to Nigel Farage, who as Ukip leader had refused to unite with Le Pen's National Front in the European Parliament deeming the French right wing party "prejudiced and anti-Semitic".

That prospect is worrying Brits living in France who fear the double whammy of Britain leaving the European Union and nationalist Le Pen, who once said she wanted to "explode the EU", taking charge in France.

Ahead of the broadcast, Ruth Smeeth, the Labour MP who is now chair of Labour Friends of Hope not Hate, said that the interview should be watched carefully.

A win for Wilders would have been seen as a strong boost for Le Pen, whose National Front wants to curb immigration and take France out of the euro, in the French presidential election on April 23 and May 7. It was a farce, and this is not my state of mind for the negotiation, ' she said.

  • Elsie Buchanan