Kantar: Android and iOS squeeze out Windows Phone

The report said iOS and Android were the only two dominating operating systems in the world with BlackBerry OS, Symbian or Windows Mobile losing their grip.

A survey has confirmed what we already knew: Windows phone is dead and users are rapidly moving towards Google Android or the Apple iOS. "To succeed, phone manufacturers will have to play by those rulebooks", Kantar says.

Kantar Worldpanel published its report on the smartphone market for the three months ending in January 2017, and the numbers are clear - Android and iOS are the only players left on the field, while Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS are quickly disappearing.

In the meanwhile, Windows phones had only a 0.1 percent sales share in China for the period, Kantar said, down from 0.9 percent a year ago. It doesn't believe that the launch of LG's new G6 flagship - which was unveiled at MWC - will "have a significant impact" on its USA market share, despite the fact that its high-end dual-display V20 was the company's "best selling device in the US" during the three months ending in January.

Only Japan bucked the trend for Windows mobiles, rising from 0.5% to 1.0%.

HMD Global's focus on revitalizing the Nokia name seems concentrated on quality for cost.

The Cupertino company continues to struggle in China. In Germany, marketshare fell from 5.9% for the three months ending January 2016 to 2.9% in the corresponding period a year later; in the United States, the marketshare halved from 2.6% to 1.3% and in the United Kingdom the fall was even bigger, going from 8.6% to 1.9%. Among them, Spain was the only country where the iOS saw its market share decline. But by January 2016, its sales market share there had fallen to 5.9%, and has more than halved over the year since then, to 2.9%.

One of the most popular markets for Apple is actually Australia - and in the country Apple sits at a hefty 42.4 percent market share, which is slightly higher than its market share in the U.S. Neither of those two countries are Apple's best market, though. In Asia, Android is still the dominant platform and in Urban China alone, it is the platform for 83.2% of smartphones sold in the last period (still 3 months ending January 2017). Both of those Huawei models are strong sellers in price-conscious markets like Italy and Spain.

  • Tracy Ferguson